I noticed your security system is “wireless”. Is it better than a traditional “wired” system?

Yes it is. It’s actually a very popular choice among business and homeowners. The development of wireless technology has been improved over the past years, and millions of installations around the world have proven its effectiveness. It offers a lot of advantages over the wired systems. There are no installation fees. No wires to run. They offer stability, long battery reported daily, and flexibility. You don’t have to worry about drilling holes on brick walls or cement floors, keeping the beauty of your house. If you ever move to a new home, just take it down and install it at your new location. You don’t need an onsite technician since each zone communicates individually with the Helix panel, you know exactly what is giving you trouble, and our Service Technicians can remotely troubleshoot your system. Other features such as “wireless keyfobs” let you control your system with the push of a button. Full control of your system over the internet (PC, Smartphone, iPad, tablets) is another advantage of wireless systems.

When a security breach occurs, does the system tell me where in my home it happened?

Yes. Each sensor protects a door, window, or region, and will announce the location of the breach when an alarm occurs.

Do the alarm systems have a warranty?

Yes. The alarm system hardware is covered by a three year warranty.

Can I take my system with me if I move to a new home?

Yes. As a wireless system, It is completely portable. Just take the devices down from your old home, then place them in your new home.

How is it that your equipment and service plans are so affordable? What’s the catch?

There is no catch. We are affordable for two main reasons. First, we don’t use installers, which lets us lower our prices considerably. Second, we avoid extra hardware that runs up your bill and only sell you what you actually need to protect your home.

What is professional dispatch monitoring?

A “professionally monitored” alarm system transmits alarm signals to an alarm monitoring center, a sophisticated call center that can rapidly dispatch the police, fire and medical authorities to your home in any emergency. Professional Monitoring is especially important because calling 911 on your cell phone won’t connect you to the correct authorities unless you’re currently located within their jurisdiction area. Our monitoring center will always dispatch the correct authorities no matter where you are.

Who gets notifications when an alarm goes off? Can I choose who I want to be notified?

When an alarm goes off, you and your emergency contacts will receive your choice of voice calls, SMS and/or email notifications. You create your emergency contact list online after you purchase your system, and can update the list anytime. 

Can I get your service without a monitoring & service plan?

Yes, we do allow self-monitoring. However, we don’t recommend it because it doesn’t meet certain home insurance and municipal code requirements. Give us a call if you’re interested in self-monitoring.

How easy is it to self-install the alarm system?

Very easy. If you can hang a picture on the wall you can set up Plug&Protect. No tools needed. Every component comes with extra-strength, 3M adhesive strips to make placement easy. On average, the installation takes 15-20 minutes.

How does the pre-configuration process work?

After you purchase your system, at a time of your choice, you will complete a brief, online questionnaire. This provides us with the info we need to pre-configure your system. Next, we’ll program the sensors so they’re synced with the panel, test the system, and label each sensor so you know where to put it. Then we ship your system directly to you.

Does an installer need to come to my house to setup the alarm system?

No. The alarm systems that we offer are designed to be easy for anyone to install. If you can hang a picture, you can setup the alarm system.

Do I need tools to set up the alarm?

No tools are required to install the alarm system. Each component comes with extra-strength, 3M adhesive strips that make placement easy. Optionally, you may use screws to secure motion sensors or wall-mount the panel.

How does the DIY security system work?

The Smart Security Alarm System consists of a control panel. When the panel is armed, it receives wireless signals from all the devices and sensors programmed. When a door or window is faulted, a radio frequency signal is sent immediately to the panel. Then, it is automatically sent to the Central Station monitoring center using a wireless internet connection and/or GSM cellular communication back up. Once the Central Station receives the signal, the corresponding protocols are followed and proper authorities are dispatched if necessary.

Can I have pets in my house and still install a motion detector?

Yes, you can. In fact, all our kits come with at least one, up to 80 lbs., motion detector. “Pet immune” is a recent state-of-the-art technology innovation. It allows your pet to move freely inside your house without triggering the motion. Everything else heavier than 80 lbs. will be detected and a signal will be sent to our Central Station. You may also mask off the bottom of your detector lens so it won’t trigger false alarms.

Do I need a home phone line for your system? And what happens when my phone line is cut, does the system still send a signal to your central station?

No, you don’t need a home phone line. Our Smart Security Alarm System uses Ethernet or cellular GSM to send signals from the panel to our Central Station. We also offer WiFi as an additional communication path. With these options, there is no line to cut; you could even eliminate your home phone line and enjoy additional monthly savings.

My home has battery-operated smoke detectors. Do I need to have a least one connected to my security system?

Absolutely! Battery-operated smoke detectors that are not attached to your security system will go off if smoke is detected, and will produce a loud sound, giving you time to check what the problem is, or to evacuate your home. However, if the battery is dead, your smoke detector will never alert you if there is an actual fire. If you are trapped and can’t get out of you home, or if you pass out due to the smoke and can’t call 911, then your smoke detectors were useless and your family is at risk. When everybody from your family is at work, school or on vacation, and a fire takes place, those battery-operated smoke detectors will sound loudly, but since no one is around to call 911 then your home will be completely damaged. . An outside neighbor might see the smoke or flames coming out of your house, but then it would be too late.

These scenarios won’t happen if you have smoke detectors attached to your system. Since they are always communicating several times a day with the key pad, you will always know when a battery is getting low, and have time to replace it before it goes dead. If you can’t get to the phone during a fire for any reason, you can assure that our Central Station has dispatched immediately and there is a fire truck on the way to your home. When you are not home, be sure that if fire strikes, smoke detectors will notify immediately our central station.

How long will it take for me to receive my alarm system when ordering online?

After you place your order, we take the time to program the elements of your system that are unique to your situation as indicated by the choices you made in ordering. In most cases, your system will be shipped the same day for orders placed by 11 am EST, at which time you will receive your UPS Tracking information. Your order should arrive between 3-4 days UPS Ground. You may choose a quicker delivery at an additional cost to you.

Should I have my alarm system monitored?

This is entirely your call. If you live in a remote location or you just want the peace of mind of 24 hour monitoring, it might be a good idea. If, on the other hand you live in a heavily populated area with good, reliable neighbors, you might not want to pay the fees to have your system monitored. Only you know who is generally home, which neighbors would call when needed, and so on. We can set you up with monitoring, no problem. So simply put you can self-monitor your alarm system thru the mobile app on your devices or you can have 24 hour emergency dispatch monitoring included.

Are there any discounts offered by insurance companies if I install a monitored security system in my home?

Yes. Most companies offer up to 20 percent discount on homeowner’s insurance when a MONITORED security system is installed in your house. Some of them even offer a greater discount if MONITORED smoke detectors are installed as well. You will have to talk to your insurance company to find out what your discount would be. In some cases, this discount can more than make up for the monthly monitoring rate. Alarms R USA will issue you a certificate of alarm that needs to be faxed or mail to your insurance company as proof that your home is monitored.

Are alarm permits required from my city or county?

Permitting requirements vary from area to area, so you must check with your local law enforcement authority. Some law enforcement agencies require that residential alarms be registered with them so that contacts are available if an alarm sounds and no one is home to disarm or turn off the system. Given that we sell alarm components nation-wide, there is no way for us to know for certain what, if any, permits, registration processes, etc, may be required where you live. Generally speaking, the governing body for building permits for your area should be able to advise you.

Will my DIY system still function properly, even if I lose power at my house?

Yes. Your Smart Security Alarm System has a rechargeable back-up battery.  Normally the system detects a low battery 1 hour before it dies, and it will notify you by displaying a low battery icon on your mobile device, and keypad. Once the power is restored, your battery will automatically recharge itself.

What to do in order to make sure my system is in working condition and connected to my Central Station?

Call the Central Station to test your system. A dispatcher will request your name, home address and pass code. Request for your system to be placed on test for an hour. Arm your system. Open a door and wait until you  here the alarm siren for 60 seconds.  Disarm your system. Call back to check signals to make sure alarms were received. If some or all alarms were not received by our Central Station, please ask to be transferred to a technical support representative.

Do I rent the equipment or buy it? And what happens if I move?

The equipment is yours if you purchased on line or over the phone with our sales department. If you ever move to a different location, just take it down and install it at your new place. Once you moved, call our Central Station and provide your new address information.

If I want to add or delete names from my contact list, how do I do that?

Any changes to your contact list or any change whatsoever needs to be written. Please include your name, address, account number and passcode.

By Email:

In order to protect you from fraudulent activity, we won’t accept requests over the phone.