SN 1.0 IP/WiFi wireless camera-outdoor


Item demension
200*70*65 mm

Compression Format


1/2.7 CMOS 2.0 Mega Sensor

6mm Color W/B View Angle 65*(H) 75*(Diag.)


Night Vision
  24LEDs 20mm night vision

Product Description

SecureNet 2.0 IP/WiFi wireless camera-outdoor

H.264 High Definition Streaming

SecureNet 2.0 IP/WI-FI Pan/Tilt Camera-indoor

Easily add cameras from SecureNet’s Smartlink end-user app. We can ship cameras directly to customer to self install.

Local Constant Recording
Add a 64GB micro SD card for up to a week of constant local recording at full resolution*.

Secure in the Cloud
Security event recordings are sent off-site, stored in the SecureNet cloud server.  * $19.99/mo subscription is required.

Next Generation Video

Industry leading video experience at unparallelled value

Easy Video Solutions

Cameras Priced to Move

Simple Self-Install

Customers can easily add, remove and manage cameras themselves, directly through the app.

Fully Integrated

Designed for a hassle-free connection to your SecureNet-powered interactive services. * $19.99/mo subscription is required.

* Indoor models only. ** Constant recording duration depends on several factors including camera configuration/resolution and amount of motion within the camera field of view. Constant recordings are stored locally (64GB micro SD card required). Outdoor cameras ship with an internal built-in 64GB card.